Our new construction operations date back to 1966 when Glendale received its first order to build a towboat for Houston based Purvis Towing Company. The Darla Purvis was the first of two boats delivered to them.

Since that time we have designed and built over 35 boats, dry docks, and floating equipment. Many of our towboats are still in operation along the Gulf Coast. All of the boats featured on this page were proudly built by our company. The long service record of these vessels pay tribute to the craftsmanship and quality that is synonymous with the Glendale name.

We currently have under construction Hull #1040. The building phase of this boat is still early enough that it can be custom designed to fit your needs. If you are considering a new boat for your fleet, let us show you what Glendale pride is all about.

Dottie D Charles Ankele Bonnie Palmer Dry Dock 01 Filly PGH 10 Pacesetter Traveler